This process can be completed by the homeowner in 5 easy steps with a clothes dryer vent brush from TOUGH GUY or you can contact us to accomplish this task.

  1. Gain access to your vent pipe by carefully disconnecting the vent from the dryer. It is usually necessary to slide the dryer out of the way to accomplish this, please use care. Also care should be taken not to damage gas or electrical connections.

  2. If it is a short distance to the outside outlet, disconnect the vent from the outlet unless your outlet will allow the brush to pass through it. It is usually easier to disconnect the outlet from the inside of the house. If you have a long vent system you can clean it in sections. This will require locating an accessible joint and separating the sections.

  3. After making the two ends of the vent accessible insert the brush into one end of the vent. Push the brush through until it clears the opposite end. If you are unable to do this you may need to shorten the section you are cleaning. If you do not have an additional joint you may need to create one. Be sure to make it easy to connect and disconnect the vent for future cleanings.

  4. Once you have pulled the brush through a section repeat the process until you have removed all the lint.

  5. Replace your vent and make sure all joints and connections are secure.

If the process seems overwhelming you can contact us and we will be more than happy to accomplish this task for you.

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